Monday, 30 December 2013


A quick drive through the French countryside took us to Provins, a little fortified medieval town east of Paris yesterday. It was a nice low key afternoon trip back to the Middle Ages allowing us to wander through the town at our own pace. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Provins is well preserved, well restored and a relaxing escape from the city, by train it's only 1h24m away from Gare de l'Est (free if you have a Zone 1-5 Navigo card, 14€ return trip otherwise).

Tour César (Caesar Tower)

Église Saint-Quiriace (Saint Quiriace Collegiate Church)

Église Saint-Quiriace (Saint Quiriace Collegiate Church)

Provins is definitely more lively and bustling during the Spring and Summer months hosting the annual Provins Medieval Festival, apparently one of biggest medieval fairs in Europe with several spectacular shows, known to be a great hit with the kids. 

Make sure you try something 'rose' as it is a strong symbol of Provins (brought back by the Count of Champagne, Thibaud IV from the Crusades in 1240). There is a never ending range of rose inspired products on offer from rose water to rose soap to rose flavoured honey, chocolate, liqueur etc. I had a rose hot chocolate (4€) at the local crêperie, not bad at all actually.  

A short introductory visit for me yesterday but I'll be sure to come back during the Summer to check out the medieval fair and battle through all the crowds when there's more sunshine to be found.


  1. Beautiful - its as if Provins was made for you, like the rest of France :)

    1. Naw. Thank you, I'm sure you'd love Provins too x