Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Arc de Triomphe

The views from the top of the Arc de Triomphe are you know, just a little..  amazing. 

View from the top

From the top you can see the geometric spoke-like system of Parisian avenues, and as a result, Camembert wedges of beautiful Haussmann era buildings. 

As well as the Eiffel Tower.

Why hello there, you ;)

And, as well as the crazy Parisian traffic "organisation" around the Arc. You know, the lack of any lanes, at all, around a colossal roundabout of twelve avenues i.e. TWELVE exit points (?!?!). When we need to drive around the Arc de Triomphe I just hold my breath, baffled as to how these Parisian drivers navigate the lack of road markings so well.

On the first Sunday of the month from the 1st November until the 31st March, it's free to climb up the stairs and visit the little museum of the Arc de Triomphe (as well as these free museums). You can zoom in on the intricate carvings and details of the Arc which projects onto a screen in the museum area, before heading up to the viewing platform to catch 360 degree views of the city.

The entrance can be reached by the underground tunnel on the Avenue de la Grande Armée side.

Address - Place Charles de Gaulle
Phone number - 01 55 37 73 77
Visiting times - 10am to 11pm (April to September) 10am to 10:30pm (October to March)
Price - 8€ adults 5€ students (18-25) free for under 17 years of age

A little heads up, there are 284 steps. Otherwise there's an elevator but you'll still need to climb 46 steps to get to the very top.  

The Arc de Triomphe was built to honour those who fought for France especially during the Napleonic wars. Construction started in 1806 and was completed 30 years later. Napoleon I never saw its completion but we get to, which is pretty cool. 

Go on, do it for Napoleon..!


  1. The only place in Paris to get the best view of the Eiffel Tower!!

    1. Yes! I agree, because when you're high up on the Eiffel Tower you don't get to see it! When are you next here? ;)

  2. Your photos are - you know - a little AMAZING!

  3. Ugh I NEVER KNEW going up to the top of the Arc (AND the Notre Dame!) was part of free first Sundays! Unfortunately I'm leaving right before Feb so since I've never gone up either one, I might actually just pay... :p

    But I, too, don't understand how aaaanyone can drive around the Arc sensibly!

    1. Yes it's free! Pity you're leaving before the next Free Sunday though :(
      Yeah whenever we are driving around it, I always think we won't be able to make the turn off but surprisingly Parisian drivers are really good at swerving and negotiating traffic from all directions and we make the turn off easily! I think if it were me, I would keep on circling around and around and turn off when there was no one haha.

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