Saturday, 25 January 2014

Paris Ramen Week Zuzutto (20 Jan - 25 Jan)

So those who know me know that I'm a bit of a last minute late kind of girl. I was born 10 days late and I know somewhere out there there's a scientific study correlating being born late with running late as an adult. 

If not, here's a really good article I love that is absolutely spot on about what goes on in the heads of late people. 

Those who know me, also know that I'm a yeah-we-can-totally-cram-in-10-things-in-2-hours kind of girl. Why not? I say! I was once in Milan for two hours between connecting trains and managed to catch up with a friend, seek out some delicious gelati, take the metro and visit 8 sites - all with 1 piece of cabin luggage and 4 other bags in hand. When we travel, John is continually surprised at how many things I can pack in at the last minute. He would normally prefer to arrive somewhere early. Me? I'm too greedy. I feel it's a waste of time to arrive early. Why not arrive just on time but be able to do something else in that extra time you've gained..!  

Anyway, today I tried to catch the second to last day of Paris Ramen Week Zuzutto (don't ask me why I didn't drop by on the previous 4 days). Paris Ramen Week is a week whereby famous Japanese chefs fly over to Paris and showcase their versions of the iconic Japanese ramen dish according to their region and interpretation. 

Friday was Kazuyuki Takei's day, a chef who has been perfecting his ramen for almost 40 years. 

Kazuyuki Takei's Biography

I lined up at lunch time early to grab a place for my girlfriend and I, but was disappointingly told there were no more places for the lunchtime session, at 12pm.

I came back on my own at 4:30pm thinking I would be early for the dinner session. I had hyped myself up to be able to dine alone without feeling awkward. I was 31 after all, right?

I was then told that the current waiting time was 1+ hour.

The line started here:

Then continued across the road:

The last minute late-girl in me hung her head in shame as I really should have started lining up at 4pm, instead of 4:30pm seeing as I had to leave at 5:30pm to catch the metro.

The but-what-if-girl in me decided that I would try my luck anyway, I had one hour after all! So I waited and waited and waited. The minutes passed and I was dreading that Murphy's Law moment where I would have to leave the line just as I was ready to order. 45 minutes of waiting (in the cold again) later, I made it through the doors! Only to be told that there would be another 15 minutes before my food would come out. I explained how I had lined up for lunch and was turned away, then had lined up again for the second time today and wondered if there was any chance I might be able to eat earlier seeing as I only had 15 minutes left..please..thank you..please.

The Japanese front of house man was so lovely. When I started to admit defeat and contemplated leaving, the man ushered me over to a table and there I was seated at 5:20pm. 

3 minutes later my steaming hot bowl of ramen was brought out.

Shirikawa ramen

I had exactly 7 minutes to photograph, inhale/thoughtfully savour my delicious bowl of ramen. 

5 minutes later I had finished my bowl.

Best bowl of ramen I had ever eaten in my life, definitely worth the 10 euro and 58 minutes I tried my luck on!

Paris Ramen Week Zuzutto
15 rue des Petits Champs 75001
Métro Pyramides
Lunch - start lining up at 11am
Dinner - start lining up at 4pm ;)


  1. Awesome ramen in France? Good deal!
    You're not late until the clock strikes twelve. Anything before that is just being efficient.

    1. YES! There's an entire "Japantown" with streets of tiny hole-in-the-wall ramen bars and other things Japanese (it's another draft I'm working on!).
      PS - I like your take on punctuality, I agree, in fact I like to say that you're not actually late until the clock strikes 12:01, there we go, I just acquired another 59 seconds!