Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Parisian Notting Hill in the 12th

Rue Crèmieux in the 12th arrondissement, just around the corner from Gare de Lyon is a gorgeous little street to wander down if you're looking for something not necessarily in the guide books to do. I used to walk past this street each day going to work but being myself I was always running just on time and never had the chance to turn off and have a proper wander. Now that it's Spring, the lighting is even better for me to drop by and take some snaps of rue Crèmieux.

It's a bit like the Parisian version of Notting Hill, proving that Paris isn't just hues of grey, white and terracotta orange all the time. But like anything French, it is done in moderation, ie there is only one street in the area splashed with colour. 

I mean it wouldn't be Paris after all if they went all out, right?

This is my favourite shot - quite possibly my favourite apartment on this street. It ticks all the boxes, the red potted geraniums, the classic French simple wrought iron balcony, a beautifully warm door to welcome you home each day and a bike parked out in front for good measure.

Quite possibly my favourite apartment in Paris

Oh and, the pretty colourful plant to the side that complements the colour palette of the apartment so well. 

This is the stuff my Parisian dreams are made of. Nothing too fancy, nothing too outlandish nor ostentatious - just the subtle but stunning basics, epitomising the timeless beauty of Parisian simplicity.   

The only problem with having an apartment like this is that you would attract people like me haha who will spend an hour photographing your home (albeit discreetly) while walking up and down the street, imagining what it would be like to live here and which apartment I would choose.. 

No bicycles at this place!

This yellow one is probably my second favourite. 

How cool would it be to say "you won't miss it, I'm the yellow apartment!"

I don't mind this salmon pink apartment either. Or maybe I like it because there's a dad and his kid in the front. I don't know why, but I have a soft spot for dads who carry their kids on their shoulders ;) especially kids wearing onesies..


I love this next shot because it captures exactly the stereotypical Parisian hipster I expected to live in one of these apartments..! The elbow patches, the haircut, the sunglasses, he just needs to hop on his bike to perfect the look!

Why hello there..!

There's a hotel?

More colourful apartments!

Love these colours

Back to my favourite apartment to round off this blog post. If you get the chance while you're in Paris drop by this little street. It doesn't take long to do at all and can be easily incorporated into your visit to Bastille. 

I will always have fond memories of the Bastille area because my very first Parisian apartment, a tiny "chambre de bonne" (servant's room) on the 6th floor (no elevator - only 104 steps!) was in the Bastille area. There's a great market nearby, loads of restaurants and little cafés and bars, as well as rue Crèmieux to visit. 

Something tranquil to do that's lesser known to think about :) 

Back to my favourite apartment

Red potted geraniums - tick!

Can't help ending with this photo again!

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