Sunday, 1 February 2015

Paris Fashion Week Haute Couture - Elie Saab SS15

Running from Sunday 25th of January to Thursday 29th of January this year, the magical whirlwind that is Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week has officially come to an end presenting us with some of the most stunning and boldest haute couture creations to date. 

This week, I was lucky enough to experience my very first Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week show at none other than the romantic ethereal Elie Saab défiléFifty five beautiful creations gently floated along the runway in dreamy soft hues of powder pink, beige, blue and ivory as well as striking black. Contrasting fabrics and textures, from feathers and ruffles to sequins and pearls were meticulously hand-embroidered onto each breathtaking piece. Saab's signature style of timeless femininity and elegant lines was clearly present as full skirts and cinched in waists prominently featured in his Spring Summer 2015 Collection.

The video clip above is of the final run from the show - my most prized Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week possession (thank goodness for smartphone technology!). I captured it on my iPhone before I had to dash off to work and apologise for my unsteady Blair Witch Project style videography!

Setting the scene 

This is what the inside of the Elie Saab show looked like. On the left, prime position was given to the press. Lots of press. Photographers and videographers, serious about their work clicked and flashed away like crazy, unafraid to yell out to the models mid-catwalk telling them to slow down (you'll see in my other video clip what I mean!)

On the right were people from the fashion industry. Just in a day's work for them..!

Then, there was all the potential clientele. I.e. people who are actually able to afford one of these dresses as well as a few celebrities dotted around here and there (usually surrounded by a lot of clicking of cameras). I remember seeing someone and then walking around for a good five minutes thinking, who is she, she looks really familiar! Then it clicked and I realised it was Dita Von Teese (who, in my defence was much smaller in real life!)

PS As you can see, there was a LOT of flash going on from the photographers next to me! You can barely see the faces of model Nieves Alvarez, Dita Von Teese and French actress Clothilde Courau.

Let the show begin

About 15 minutes after the scheduled starting time, lights were dimmed and the security guards roped off the area to refuse any latecomers. A little introduction to Elie Saab's inspiration for this collection was heard over the PA system before the music started to welcome us into his magical fairy tale world.

"A beautiful memory of Beirut often visits me in a dream. A loving, giving and tolerant Beirut. A glamorous one too. A beautiful memory that never ceased to inspire me - that inspired this collection. This is a tribute to the city that I love. My Beirut" (Foreword excerpt from Elie Saab lap book)

This video clip will give you an idea of the mood from the show. I love the music from this clip and how it brings to life the theme of Elie Saab's inspiration - Beirut, the Paris of the Middle East. 

Dresses, dresses, dresses!

I love a dress with pockets.
An Elie Saab dress with pockets? Even better..! 

And then it was all over. 

What a week it has been! Being able to briefly enter Elie Saab's fairy tale world was such a surreal experience. I kid you not, I am still pinching myself today..! 

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