Monday, 27 July 2015

10 Ways to Eat for under 10€ in Paris

1. Alain Miam Miam

Marché des Enfants Rouge

39 rue Bretagne
Métro Saint Sébastien Froissard

Alain Miam Miam is a favourite of mine. Nestled in the Marché des Enfants Rouges (the oldest under cover market in Paris that used to be a 16th century orphanage), you won't miss Alaim Miam Miam's galette/crêpe stand. It's the one with more than often a long line of hungry customers winding around the corner. Here Alain handles every galette, crêpe or panini order personally, by hand, pausing to chat with you or to casually slice off a thin wedge of cheese to taste so you can make your choice.

The servings are huge. you might even be able to share. A MASSIVE galette like this (buckwheat crêpe with savoury fillings served in both hot and cold versions) will cost you between 7.50€ and 8.50€.

This is the hot one with caramelised onion, gooey stretchy cheese, delicious ham and that crunchy Alain Miam Miam galette exterior. 

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Getting Into and Around Paris - the Metro, RER and airport buses/tram

So you've arrived in the City of Light, there's so much to see and do and take in! You can't wait to take in the beautiful surroundings and get lost in your thoughts while exploring little hidden cobblestone paths. 

But first things first, before even leaving the airport/train station/bus station, you need to work out how to get around Paris. And chances are, you'll want to work out the most cost-effective and (time)-efficient way of exploring Paris too.

There are a few options and combinations to choose from, so where should you start? There is the metro, the RER, the Transilien train, buses, trams, Autolib' (car hiring), Velib' (bike hiring), an upcoming Scootlib' (scooter hiring) and of course, your own two feet. 

There's the single pay-as-you-go ticket option or the all-you-can-eat travel buffet option. Dilemmas dilemmas. For the purposes of keeping this blog post as short and concise as possible, I'll just stick to the two main routes of travel that you are most likely to use - the metro and the RER