Saturday, 7 November 2015

Biocoop 21 - the first PACKAGING-FREE supermarket in Paris

My favourite place in Paris at the very moment isn't anywhere fancy nor monumental. 

It's in the 10th arrondissement at number 14 rue du Château d'Eau where Biocoop 21, along with the help of SEAMEST, a City of Paris organisation supporting the maintenance and development of local trade, has just set up shop.

Biocoop is your French fair trade, organic, local and environmentally responsible supermarket supplying quality produce and household items around France. And a few days ago, it opened its very first supermarket in Paris with ZERO PACKAGING and ZERO WASTE. 


Customers are encouraged to bring their own jars, bottles, bags, containers etc. to transport their purchases home. For those who aren't able to, bottles, cloth pouches and 'algobols' made from 100% recycled algae are available for their initial purchase to be refilled at your future shop.


*Sous les fraises ("under the strawberries") is the waste conscious eco-friendly French startup that will manage the responsible disposal of all compostable organic waste material produced by Biocoop 21.

*PHENIX is the organisation that will recuperate all unsold produce and distribute it to associations and charities to help those in need.

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Salon du Chocolat 2015 Highlights

We just got back from the Salon du Chocolat 2015, held in Paris this week and I've been feeling like the German exchange student kid from the Simpsons "don't make me run, I'm full of chocolate..!" ever since. No biggie though because the Salon du Chocolat was totally worth it.

220 chocolatiers, pastry makers, confectioners and cocoa experts from France and around the world came together this week to celebrate their passion for chocolate. Today, I found myself wandering through 20,000 square metres of chocolate and chocolate-related exhibitions ranging from demonstrations, workshops, and countless stalls as well as samples, samples and um.. more samples!