Friday, 1 April 2016

Paris RATP Metro Pranks Commuters on April Fool's Day..!!

The French RATP group of the Paris Metro System got in on April Fool's Day (known as "Poisson d'avril" in France) with metro name change pranks that caught commuters by surprise.

About 13 metro stations were replaced with new names, drawing on hilarious play on words aka "les blagues de papa" (Dad jokes) as I like to call them. 

First up was the station "PREMIER AVRIL" (1st of APRIL) which replaced the station "QUATRE SEPTEMBER" (4th of SEPTEMBER). This metro station was originally named "the 4th of September" to commemorate the date of which the third French Republic was declared. Today, it would commemorate the RATP's April Fool's Day prank instead!