Saturday, 12 November 2016

Three (adventurous) Drinks You Have to Try in Paris

Tried every clichéd Parisian experience in the book already? Sick and tired of ordering chocolat chauds and café crèmes and un verre de vin rouge? But at the same time don't want to be the one ordering green smoothies, chai lattes or a Coke in Paris? 

Here are my top three Parisian-esque drinks you have to try out on your next trip to Paris. Classic French drinks at heart, with a little twist for those looking for une petite aventure...!

(By the way, just letting you know I found and paid for all of these drinks on my own, this isn't an ad of any sort and I don't get anything in return, it's just how I blog). 

1. Blue cheese espresso 

Yes you heard it right. STINKY SALTY BLUE CHEESE, with your ESPRESSO. It even comes out on a slate and a little fork! Your freshly made espresso will come served with a teeny side dish of crumbly punchy blue cheese (as you can see they aren't stingy on the cheese serving!)