Monday, 10 April 2017

Five Places to Visit in Paris in Spring

Spring has sprung in Paris..! Probably my favourite time of the year in Paris, Spring has this magical fairy tale effect on the city, like we needed yet another reason to be swept off our feet hey..? 

Blush pink cherry blossoms cover the skies, beautiful magnolias bloom from their branches, delicate little petals resembling rose pink snowflakes cloak the ground and the hint of warm sunshine and clear blue skies gently awaken us from our Winter hibernation.

While there are many stunning places to visit in Paris during Spring, here are my top five unmissable recommendations.

1. The Eiffel Tower

Sure it's been done to death but who can resist having one of these photos on your camera roll for a pretty Parisian keepsake...?

My Love for Paris tip: If you are facing the Eiffel Tower with the giant park behind you, head to the left side where you will find a big magnolia tree. There you'll be able to capture a shot like this from below the tree. Head to the right from the same central position to find the other different coloured blossoms.

2. Parc de Sceaux

I've dedicated a whole blog post about this well hidden Parisian secret. It is a little further out from central Paris but easily accessible by RER if you have a spare afternoon up your sleeve. Definitely worth the trek to see the cherry blossoms in full bloom.

My Love for Paris tip: Drop by a supermarket and grab some picnic essentials to make the most of your afternoon amongst the cherry blossom trees.

3. Notre Dame Cathedral

If you are directly behind the Notre Dame Cathedral, head to your left towards the water but don't cross the bridge just yet. Keep walking towards the front of the cathedral and you'll find a little sandpit and benches and a beautiful big cherry blossom tree to sit underneath.

My Love for Paris tip: Grab an almond croissant (my favourite!) from your local boulangerie and shotgun a seat under the cherry blossom tree for some people watching - the kids playing in the sandpit are super cute to watch (in the most non-watching-kids-on purpose way of course..!).

4. Jardin du Palais Royal

This was where we attended our very first Diner en Blanc event! 

Magnolia heaven is all I can say.

My Love for Paris tip: Bring along your current book. This place is much more peaceful with lots of seating available on the park grounds. Escape the crowds, opt out on the people watching from above and just enjoy a quiet moment under the magnolia flowers to yourself.

5. Saint Germain des Prés

And finally, another cherry blossom spot in Paris. This one you'll be more likely to find locals than tourists.

My Love for Paris tip: Make the most of this spot by escaping the tourist dense areas and visit the surrounding Saint Germain des Prés quartier.

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