Saturday, 10 February 2018

A Date with Paris (in the SNOW!)

For the first time in 30 years, Paris welcomed its heaviest snowfall this week - a whopping 15cm! It might not be a lot for some, but for someone from Australia, this is the equivalent to an avalanche. 

A beautifully magical, surreal avalanche of the top things I love in life. PARIS (obviously) and SNOOOOOOWWWW..!!! (if only my baby was with me on this walk, and my Mum, oh and Frenchie haha). Frenchie doesn't share the same level of extreme intense excitement as I do when it comes to snow. Each time we see snow, I turn into this hyperactive yapping puppy on caffeine/Red bull/stimulant cold and flu tablets. I'm literally running around everywhere - up and down the hallway of the apartment, unable to speak coherently and a speed that is comprehensible. My eyes are permanently wide open, I basically stop blinking because if I do I'll miss a nanosecond of seeing that beautiful image of magical snow. I'll jump up and down and repeatedly yell out "IL NEEEIIIIGGGGEEEE" among all my other uncontrollable excitable gibberish. 

So anyway, back to the photos - please join me while I think out aloud on this walk to see the Winter Wonderland date that Paris took me on yesterday. 

Paris and I started off on line 6 - getting off at the Bir Hakim metro before crossing the road towards the Inception bridge. There I found a beautiful blanket of snow ready for me to lay my footprints on. This is the obligatory French-Australian shot, which is kind of funny because just last week I was in Australia battling 38 degree heat. I remember reassuring Frenchie "don't worry, we are in for a cool change tomorrow, it's going to be 35 degrees". Fast forward to this week and we are in -4 degree weather and the heaviest snowfall in Paris since 1987..! 

I continue the walk further along and the snow stretches for as far as the eye can see. I'm struggling to keep calm in public at this point because my heart is literally singing.

I walk towards the Eiffel Tower where the carousel is and glance back, to see THE SUN coming out from behind. I don't believe my luck...!!

I cross the road past the carousel and reach the other of the bank and peer over to see this "interesting" scene. Little bird footprints on the pristine white snow, an annoying dockless bike just strewn on the ground like that (SERIOUSLY WHO DID NOT CONSIDER THE FLAWS OF THIS BIKE SHARING CONCEPT? What if some idiot just comes and pushes the bike into the river?) and of course, remnants of the overflowing flooding of the Seine.

I walk along and eventually cross the road to make it to one of my favourite Eiffel Tower shots - rue de l'universite. There are others taking photos at this spot as well so I give up waiting for people to bugger off.

The sunlight coming through highlighting every little detail makes this one of my favourite photos.

I turn the corner and cannot believe my eyes, I am seeing shadows because the sun is so bright! It's this moment where I feel so blessed to be in Paris on this day, at this moment right as the sun decided to make an appearance.

And then BAM - the battery on my phone decides TO DIE. I don't know if it was too cold or what but I desperately try to revive it. The day that I forget to bring my portable charger is the day it decides to kick the bucket at 55% - WTF? It briefly comes on for me to take this breathtaking shot. Maybe it's the universe telling me to just enjoy the effing moment instead of trying to document everything.

My phone dies again and I am able to revive it one last time before it drops down to 1% for this shot. I put my phone in my pocket and walk away content to do as the universe suggests. I mean, I am on a date with my beloved Paris after all, I should put my damn phone away!

But not without a little selfie. I have never posted a selfie on the blog, actually I rarely take selfies on my own. But this occasion was a little different. Who knows if I'll be able to experience this ever again in my life. We've already waited 30 years for this moment, Paris and I..!

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